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Chagrin Falls Cross Country

The Chagrin Valley Conference is made up of 22 schools that spend the school year vying for top scores and titles in a multitude of sports. Given the nature of competition, these schools seem to stand alone while the clock is ticking down and the points are being tallied, but at the end of the day, the schools and student-athletes all represent something bigger: a community.

CVC prides itself on upholding high standards throughout its friendly competition, but the ultimate goal is to develop each student-athlete into well-rounded adults for life after high school. Our students are the future of our communities, and it is imperative for us to support them now so that years from now our strength in community comes full circle later.

Local businesses and organizations now have a chance to directly impact the younger generation within the CVC through a multitude of sponsorship opportunities. Through a strategic process, the Chagrin Valley Conference allows its sponsors to build a deeper engagement with students, staff, faculty, and alumni. All sponsorships acquired directly benefit and impact the student-athletes of our conference. Through powerful brand identity and advertising development, this is more than just an opportunity to showcase your business’ products and services – it’s a partnership invested in the development of our students’ futures and our community.

To learn more about how to support your community through sponsorship opportunities that will simultaneously grow your business and raise brand awareness within the CVC, please contact Nicole Rosario at 614.264.4667 or email [email protected]. We would love to help you get your business rooted in the community and become a part of something greater within The Chagrin Valley Conference. The future of this community thanks you!

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