Become A Sponsor

If you had an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of young men and women in your local communities, would you?

If you had an opportunity to create brand loyalty for years, would you?

If you had an opportunity to cut through the clutter of marketing campaigns to connect directly with your target audience, would you?

The Chagrin Valley Conference (CVC) provides an incredible platform to do all those things and more. With 22 schools that span across five counties (Ashtabula, Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake, and Portage) in Northeast Ohio, the conference’s diversity and geographic breadth give you the chance to maximize your marketing budget.

Your business can score in three big ways by participating in this one-of-a-kind opportunity:


High school and middle school sports are a focal point and a source of pride for the schools and their communities. They’re big business, too. Tapping into this gives your business significant exposure and reach with parents, teachers, coaches, student-athletes, organizers, fans, and a business community.

By engaging with student-athletes in something they care about, your business will create brand loyalty with them for years to come.


Over 90% of parents in the CVC said they would be more likely to buy from businesses that support their children’s school and the conference. 90%!

Parents want to provide their children with the best opportunities and love when others show their support to make that happen. Your welcomed involvement would be one less barrier in breaking down customer defenses.


The people who attend high school, middle school and youth sporting events aren’t just potential customers in waiting.

By showing you care about the community, you’re not making just one more sale by getting involved. You’re making a positive impression. You’re creating indelible bonds in the community. You’re making a difference.


Why Get Involved With The CVC?

Getting involved with the CVC puts you in touch directly with the chief decision-makers – and highest income earners – in the community: parents.

Nationally, families spend almost $118 billion annually on their children for food, apparel, personal care, and entertainment. And, it’s estimated that over 50% of those purchases are influenced by them.

Locally, parents of students who attend schools within the CVC wield considerable influence
with how much money is spent in the local economy. Within the communities that comprise
the CVC, the median household income is $61,500. For parents with students in the CVC, the
average household income jumps to $90,300!

The CVC provides an incredible opportunity to get your message and your brand in front of the people who are doing the bulk of the buying in the community. Instead of running with a generic pitch, you can fine-tune your message to speak to those decision-makers directly.

How Will Your Sponsorship Be Used?

From kindergarten to senior graduation, we aim to develop our students into well-rounded, well-educated citizens. To do that, we want to provide every student in every school throughout the conference with programs and activities that will foster their growth, which your funds will enable us to do.

We need our team of parents, teachers, staff, administrators, coaches and business owners all working together so that we can mold these young men and women into the future leaders of our communities.

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