Saturday, January 28, 2023

Cardinal, Independence lead the Valley

BURTON—After two rounds of wrestling at the Chagrin Valley Conference tournament one thing is clear.

It’s going to be nearly impossible for any team to catch Perry for the overall championship. The Pirates scored 75 points and have a comfortable 23-point lead over second place West Geauga. Perry has nine semifinalists while West Geauga has eight.

 The Valley Division, however, could provide some drama in Saturday night’s finals round.

Cardinal is in third place overall but leads the Valley with 50 points. Independence is tied for sixth overall but in second place in the Valley with 37 points.

Cardinal has six wrestlers in Saturday morning’s semifinals while Independence has five.

“The guys are looking good,” said Cardinal coach Jeff Zeigler. “We came after it. I told them (the Valley Division) title is up for grabs. We’ve got a real good shot of winning it. I told them they just need to go for it and it looks like that’s the way they’re wrestling.”

Cardinal’s Trent Mast (120), Brandon Nevison (126), Craig Shanower (138), Brandon Neikirk (145), Bryn Havel (195) and Alex Fabiny (285) all reached the semfinals.

Mast drew a first round by then recorded a 52 second pin in the quarterfinals. Nevison pinned both of his first day opponents and Shanower drew a bye then pinned in the quarterfinals.

Neikirk got one pin closer to the school record with his 3 minute, 8 second fall in the quarterfinals and Havel drew a bye then pinned his quarterfinals opponent.

Fabiny drew a first round bye then pinned top-seeded Anthony Priola of Wickliffe in 4 minutes, 40 seconds.

“Alex beat the first-seeded guy,” Zeigler said. “That was a huge win for him.”

Independence’s Matt Mroczynski (132), Drew Benos (138), Kevin Clymer (152), Nick Mroczynski (170) and Josh Stasek (285) all advanced to the semifinals.

Matt Mroczynski drew a first round bye then defeated Cardinal’s Mason Lustig, 8-4, in the quarterfinals. Benos also drew a first round bye then won by fall in the quarterfinals.

Clymer pinned both of his first day opponents and Nick Mroczynski drew a first round bye then beat Cuyahoga Heights’ Chad McDaniel, 3-1, in the quarterfinals.

Stasek drew two byes and will wrestle Fabiny in the semifinals.

Independence’s Alex Nelson was leading Beachwood’s Matthew Henry, 5-0, before an injury forced him to default the match.

“We wrestled well today,” said Independence coach Ken DeAngelis. “I wish we had a few more first round matches but we can't control that. I thought we could get six to the semis and we may have if Alex didn't get hurt. We put ourselves in a position to compete for the Valley Division tomorrow. We have five in the semis to Cardinal’s six with one head-to-head. It should be an exciting day of wrestling tomorrow.”

Team Scores:

1. Perry 75.0
2. West Geauga 52.0
3. Cardinal 50.0
4. Geneva 46.5
5. Chagrin Falls 41.0
6. Harvey 37.0
6. Independence 37.0
8. Wickliffe 30.0
9. Orange 26.5
10. Cuyahoga Heights 26.0
11. Beachwood 25.0
12. Hawken 21.0
13. Berkshire 15.0
14. Kirtland 6.0


106: John Kumher (Berkshire) vs. J.P. Hlifka (Hawken); Luke Hopkins (Cuy. Heights) vs. Nick Began (Orange)
113: Adam Williams (West Geauga) vs. Brandon Meade (Cuyahoga Heights); Justin Rayner (Chagrin Falls) vs. Brendan Williamson (Kirtland)
120: Trent Mast (Cardinal) vs. Giovanni Luciano (West Geauga); Zach Berdysz (Perry) vs. Alex French (Kirtland)
126: Tylere Stennet (West Geauga) vs. Zach Bubonic (Perry); Brandon Nevison (Cardinal) vs. Logan Smith (Harvey)
132: Dillan Bryan (Perry) vs. Doug Byrne (Wickliffe); Matt Mroczynski (Independence) vs. Michael Miller (Hawken)
138: Drew Benos (Independence) vs. David Escott (Chagrin Falls); Craig Shanower (Cardinal) vs. Gino Fornaro (West Geauga)
145: Brandon Neikerk (Cardinal) vs. Dominic Billie (Wickliffe); Deondre Rouer (Harvey) vs. Geoffrey Gedeon (Perry)
152: William McClain (Harvey) vs. Sam Cales (Perry); Kevin Clymer (Independence) vs. Evan Vetturini (West Geauga)
160: Ricky Renton (Chagrin Falls) vs. Matthew Henry (Beachwood); Nick Frye (Cuy. Heights) vs. Juan Rodriguez (Geneva)
170: Kody Brown (Geneva) vs. Robert Powers (Orange); John Miller (Perry) vs. Nick Mroczynski (Independence)
182: Evan Schenk (Perry) vs. Jordan Brown (West Geauga); Jacob Huelskamp (Geneva) vs. Josh Bialosky (Beachwood)
195: Joe Fornaro (West Geauga) vs. Jacob Golovan (Orange); Kyle Karvounis (Chagrin Falls) vs. Bryn Havel (Cardinal)
220: Demetrius Mitchell (Harvey) vs. Connor VanDeweel (Perry); Kyle Gallagher (West Geauga) vs. Alan Haavisto (Wickliffe)
285: Alex Fabiny (Cardinal) vs. Josh Stasek (Independence); Jon Gildersleeve (Geneva) vs. Nick Mason (Perry)

Preliminary Results

John Kumher (Berkshire) pin* Solomon Troychansky (West Geauga) 2:41
J.P. Hlifka (Hawken) pin* David Boykin (Harvey) 1:01
Luke Hopkins (Cuy. Heights) forfeit Michael Kucera (Independence) Forfeit
Nick Began (Orange) maj. dec.* Daniel Argo (Geneva) md13-4
Adam Williams (West Geauga) pin Devin Cerjan (Geneva) 0:26
Justin Rayner (Chagrin Falls) pin Paul Jacobs (Beachwood) 1:13
Trent Mast (Cardinal) pin Mills Moosbrugger (Hawken) 0:52
Giovanni Luciano (West Geauga) dec. Braden Bilicic (Geneva) 6-2
Zach Berdysz (Perry) pin Noah Klubnik (Orange) 0:56
Tylere Stennet (West Geauga) dec.* Mason Johnson (Cuy. Heights) 11-10
Zach Bubonic (Perry) pin* Ernie Landi (Wickliffe) 0:21
Brandon Nevison (Cardinal) pin Enrique Mares (Chagrin Falls) 0:56
Logan Smith (Harvey) pin Kyle Corsi (Independence) 4:37
Dillan Bryan (Perry) dec.* Connor Requa (Geneva) 8-5
Doug Byrne (Wickliffe) pin* Alex Hanson (Berkshire) 0:49
Matt Mroczynski (Independence) dec.* Mason Lustig (Cardinal) 8-4
Michael Miller (Hawken) maj. dec.* Nathan Webster (Harvey) md14-2
Drew Benos (Independence) pin* Melvin Kado (Beachwood) 0:53
David Escott (Chagrin Falls) pin Jacob Rogerson (Geneva) 2:51
Craig Shanower (Cardinal) pin* Dan Humes (Berkshire) 2:31
Gino Fornaro (West Geauga) dec.* Clayton Meyer (Perry) 1-0
Brandon Neikerk (Cardinal) pin* Jacob Hanson (Berkshire) 3:08
Dominic Billie (Wickliffe) pin* Matty Baratz (Hawken) 3:47
Deondre Rouer (Harvey) dec.* Brody Wigren (Geneva) 7-2
Geoffrey Gedeon (Perry) pin* Anthony McFarland (West Geauga) 0:35
William McClain (Harvey) pin* Jonathan Reardon (Chagrin Falls) 1:10
Sam Cales (Perry) pin* Steve Ellis (Berkshire) 1:59
Kevin Clymer (Independence) pin Jesse Woodall (Cuy. Heights) 5:33
Evan Vetturini (West Geauga) pin* Aiden Cardaman (Geneva) 1:55
Ricky Renton (Chagrin Falls) pin Lashawn Osborne (Harvey) 0:50
Matthew Henry (Beachwood) Default Alex Nelson (Independence) Default
Nick Frye (Cuy. Heights) maj. dec.* Kyle Kolb (Orange) md10-2
Juan Rodriguez (Geneva) pin Joesph Iacobacci (Wickliffe) 1:55
Kody Brown (Geneva) pin* Benjamin Osbourne (Beachwood) 0:42
Robert Powers (Orange) tech. fall* Spencer Fleming (Chagrin Falls) tf15-0
John Miller (Perry) pin* Kyle Simms (Cardinal) 1:03
Nick Mroczynski (Independence) dec.* Chad McDaniel (Cuy. Heights) 3-1
Evan Schenk (Perry) pin Jake Mallos (Cuy. Heights) 3:05
Jordan Brown (West Geauga) pin Geno Argento (Cardinal) 1:56
Jacob Huelskamp (Geneva) pin Grant Tyson (Chagrin Falls) 1:19
Josh Bialosky (Beachwood) pin Mohammed Abouelsoud (Orange) 0:36
Joe Fornaro (West Geauga) pin Travis Cross (Geneva) 3:14
Kyle Karvounis (Chagrin Falls) pin Jeremiah Toomey (Perry) 5:29
Bryn Havel (Cardinal) pin Francisco Melendez (Harvey) 1:19
Connor VanDeweel (Perry) pin Henry Woofter (Chagrin Falls) 1:26
Alan Haavisto (Wickliffe) maj. dec. Timmy Stamper (Geneva) md17-3
Alex Fabiny (Cardinal) pin Anthony Priola (Wickliffe) 4:40
Nick Mason (Perry) pin Alberto Reynoso (Harvey) 1:09

First Round
Luke Hopkins (Cuy. Heights) pin Will Henry (Beachwood) 1:23
Mason Johnson (Cuy. Heights) pin Jarrod Malkus (Berkshire) 0:52
Ernie Landi (Wickliffe) maj. dec. Konnor Duncan (Kirtland) md9-0
Brandon Nevison (Cardinal) pin Matthew Griswold (Geneva) 5:02
Logan Smith (Harvey) pin Michael Schmidt (Beachwood) 0:18
Connor Requa (Geneva) tech. fall Angel Rodriguez (West Geauga) tf15-0
Nathan Webster (Harvey) pin Ethan Thomas (Kirtland) 0:30
Melvin Kado (Beachwood) pin Gus Mormino (Kirtland) 4:59
David Escott (Chagrin Falls) pin Coda Simonelli (Hawken) 0:35
Dan Humes (Berkshire) dec. Russell Horacek (Wickliffe) 7-6
Clayton Meyer (Perry) pin Qyce Dweik (Orange) 1:04
Matty Baratz (Hawken) pin Nathan Kristoff (Chagrin Falls) 0:35
Brody Wigren (Geneva) pin Jordan Kruchek (Cuy. Heights) 0:39
Steve Ellis (Berkshire) pin Julian Patterson (Orange) 1:09
Kevin Clymer (Independence) pin Sam Ellis (Cardinal) 2:42
Ricky Renton (Chagrin Falls) dec. Bo Bubonic (Perry) 5-0
Matthew Henry (Beachwood) pin Clark Jackson (Berkshire) 2:57
Kyle Kolb (Orange) pin Jorge Mirabelli (West Geauga) 2:39
Juan Rodriguez (Geneva) Default Will Brooks (Cardinal) Default
Spencer Fleming (Chagrin Falls) pin Jackson Mansfield (West Geauga) 0:46

Steve Hare
Steve Hare is the Chagrin Valley Conference's Sports Information Director. He also created and publishes, an online publication dedicated to providing hyperlocal coverage to area high school athletic programs. Hare began covering high school sports for the Lake County News Herald in 1997. Hare attended Willoughby South High School through the middle of his senior year, then graduated from Berkshire High School in Burton in 1986. He played football, wrestled and was an all-Geauga county baseball player (1986). He lives in Chardon with his wife Paulette and their children.

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