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CVC swim championships claimed on Saturday

BEACHWOOD–Chagrin Falls, Beachwood, Hawken, and Perry each claimed a Chagrin Valley Conference swimming and diving championship on Saturday at Beachwood High School.

All four defended titles won last winter.

The Tigers’ boys’ team repeated as the Chagrin Division champion while Beachwood defended its Valley Division crown.

In the girls’ competition, Hawken won the Chagrin Division title and Perry won back-to-back titles in the Valley Division.

The CVC championships began on Friday with the diving competition.

Chagrin Falls’ Samantha Holtz won her third straight CVC diving championship title, while Orange’s Samuel Williams won the boys’ event.

“Tonight’s meet was absolutely incredible,” said Holtz, who finished with 493 points. “I got to dive with great girls; it’s always lovely competing against them. (I’m) glad to be back here for my third year at the CVC conference meet.”

Holtz, who finished fourth in the state last year is excited about the postseason.

“I love competing at both districts and hopefully if I make it to states this year, competing there,” she said.

Hawken’s Christianna Reieneke placed second with 336 ½ points, Orange’s Shannon Ahearn finished third with 296.9, Beachwood’s Nina Mayers was fourth with 272.85, and Orange’s Sophia Stepenayan rounded out the top five with 217.3 points.

Williams won the boys’ diving event with 260 ¼ points.

“It went pretty well,” Williams said. “Pretty high standards in the beginning, but as the meet went on it got more and more chill. Everybody tried their best and did some pretty good dives.”

Orange’s Zane Jacobs finished second with a score of 226.7.

Individual swimming event champions are listed below:

Girls 200-Yard Medley Relay-Chagrin

  • Hawken (Alaina Pizarro, Sarah Pophal, Chloe Bautista, Asma Khan) 1:53.68

Girls 200-Yard Medley Relay-Valley

  • Perry (Addi Renau, Zoey Hicks, Grace Kitchen, Catie Caldwell) 2:06.33

Boys 200-Yard Medley Relay-Chagrin

  • Chagrin Falls (Cam Mateyo, Ben Broz, Max Klug, Tyler McCort) 1:45.75

Boys 200-Yard Medley Relay-Valley

  • Beachwood (Kevin Zhang, Derek Fan, Owen Shook, Evan Warner) 1:44.94

Girls 200-Yard Freestyle-Chagrin

  • Ashley Chase (West Geauga) 1:58.31

Girls 200-Yard Freestyle-Valley

  • Georgia Kattler (Cuyahoga Heights) 2:10.93

Boys 200-Yard Freestyle-Chagrin

  • William Butler (Hawken) 1:56.59

Boys 200-Yard Freestyle-Valley

  • Colin Elwell (Beachwood) 1:52.91

Girls 200-Yard Individual Medley-Chagrin

  • Alexanra Scharpf (Chagrin Falls) 2:15.76

Girls 200-Yard Individual Medley-Valley

  • Maia Aumock (Independence) 2:31.88

Boys 200-Yard Individual Medley-Chagrin

  • Daniel Xu (Hawken) 2:04.31

Boys 200-Yard Individual Medley-Valley

  • Derek Fan (Beachwood) 2:11.73

Girls 50-Yard Freestyle-Chagrin

  • Carys Edgar (Hawken) :26.38

Girls 50-Yard Freestyle-Valley

  • Zoey Hicks (Perry) :27.77

Boys 50-Yard Freestyle-Chagrin

  • Nathan Reigle (Geneva) :22.30

Boys 50-Yard Freestyle-Valley

  • Evan Warner (Beachwood) :22.05

Girls 1-Meter Diving-Chagrin

  • Samantha Holtz (Chagrin Falls) 493.00

Girls 1-Meter Diving-Valley

  • Nina Mayers (Beachwood) 272.85

Boys 1-Meter Diving-Chagrin

  • Sam Williams (Orange) 260.25

Girls 100-Yard Butterfly-Chagrin

  • Sarah Pophal (Hawken) 1:01.73

Girls 100-Yard Butterfly-Valley

  • Grace Kitchen (Perry) 1:03.91

Boys 100-Yard Butterfly-Chagrin

  • Lawson Blasier (Orange) :58.77

Boys 100-Yard Butterfly-Valley

  • Brody Hicks (Perry) :55.17

Girls 100-Yard Freestyle-Chagrin

  • Ashley Chase (West Geauga) :55.35

Girls 100-Yard Freestyle-Valley

  • Claire Dumstorff (Kirtland) 1:00.33

Boys 100-Yard Freestyle-Chagrin

  • Nathan Reigle (Geneva) :50.40

Boys 100-Yard Freestyle-Valley

  • Benjamin Keyerleber (Beachwood) :55.88

Girls 500-Yard Freestyle-Chagrin

  • Bree Shirkey (Hawken) 5:28.35

Girls 500-Yard Freestyle-Valley

  • Grace Kitchen (Perry) 5:43.44

Boys 500-Yard Freestyle-Chagrin

  • Cam Mateyo (Chagrin Falls) 5:11.93

Boys 500-Yard Freestyle-Valley

  • Kyle McGovern (Independence) 5:54.32

Girls 200-Yard Freestyle Relay-Chagrin

  • Hawken (Nina Newton, Emma Salerno, Marie Musbach, Savannah Hirsch) 1:44.90

Girls 200-Yard Freestyle Relay-Valley

  • Independence (Keely Sears, Ellie Polter, Maia Aumock, Sabrina George) 1:54.40

Boys 200-Yard Freestyle Relay-Chagrin

  • Hawken (Will Roth, Daniel Xu, Cooper Ryan, Preston Wooley) 1:33.84

Boys 200-Yard Freestyle Relay-Valley

  • Beachwood (Colin Elwell, Owen Shook, Kevin Zhang, Evan Warner) 1:33.67

Girls 100-Yard Backstroke-Chagrin

  • Nina Newton (Hawken) 1:05.10

Girls 100-Yard Backstroke-Valley

  • Addi Renau (Perry) 1:09.45

Boys 100-Yard Backstroke-Chagrin

  • Cam Mateyo (Chagrin Falls) :58.18

Boys 100-Yard Backstroke-Valley

  • Derek Fan (Beachwood) :58.81

Girls 100-Yard Breaststroke-Chagrin

  • Madi Machado (Chagrin Falls) 1:09.73

Girls 100-Yard Breaststroke-Valley

  • Claire Dumstorff (Kirtland) 1:16.27

Boys 100-Yard Breaststroke-Chagrin

  • Ben Broz (Chagrin Falls) 1:04.04

Boys 100-Yard Breaststroke-Valley

  • Colin Elwell (Beachwood) 1:10.75

Girls 400-Yard Freestyle Relay-Chagrin

  • Hawken (Jana Gustin, Erin Butler, Carys Edgar, Addy Pruce) 3:51.40

Girls 400-Yard Freestyle Relay-Valley

  • Perry (Addi Renau, Catie Caldwell, Zoey Hicks, Grace Kitchen) 4:05.41

Boys 400-Yard Freestyle Relay-Chagrin

  • Chagrin Falls (Noah Publicover, Max Klug, Cam Mateyo, Ben Broz) 3:26.35

Boys 400-Yard Freestyle Relay-Valley

  • Perry (Colin Griffith, Carson Niemi, Jonathan, Kacsala, Broy Hicks) 3:49.41



Chagrin Division:

1. Chagrin Falls 465.5
2. Hawken 386
3. Orange 367.5
4. West Geauga 197
5. Geneva 194
6. Lakeside 100
7. Edgewood 34

Valley Division:

1. Beachwood 487
2. Independence 354
3. Perry 247
4. Wickliffe 115
5. Cuyahoga Heights 58
6. Kirtland 47


Chagrin Division

1. Hawken 573
2. Chagrin Falls 450
3. Orange 238
4. Lakeside 205
5. Geneva 151
6. West Geauga 149
7. Edgewood 83

Valley Division

1. Perry 438
2. Independence 364
3. Cuyahoga Heights 238
4. Kirtland 214
5. Beachwood 90
6. Wickliffe 22



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