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2024 All-CVC Baseball Teams

The Chagrin Valley Conference principals have approved the 2024 All-CVC Baseball teams.


Coach of the Year: Matt Platt, Perry/Aaron Brandt, Hawken
CVC MVP: Lucas Brandt, Hawken

First Team

  • Owen McKoon, Catcher, 11, Perry
  • Brandon Wang, First Base, 11, Orange
  • Sven Nielsen, First Base, 12, Chagrin Falls
  • Brody Petrucelli, Infield, 10, Perry
  • Christopher Utech, Infield, 12, Orange
  • Asher Kimball, Infield, 11, Hawken
  • Luke Sivon, Outfield, 11, Perry
  • Elijah Gudger, Outfield, 11, West Geauga
  • Brandt Stevens, Outfield, 11, Chagrin Falls
  • Cole Schreibman, Outfield, 11, Beachwood
  • Lucas Brandt, Pitcher, 12, Hawken
  • Josh Rosenblitt, Pitcher, 11, Beachwood
  • Will Graham, Pitcher, 12, Chagrin Falls
  • Paxon Laschinger, Utility/DH, Hawken

Second Team

  • Brett Ringenbach, Catcher, 12, West Geauga
  • Kyle Rhineberger, Infield, 11, Perry
  • Cade Henderson, Infield, 11, Perry
  • Jaycob Zabell, Infield, 11, Beachwood
  • Charlie Reeder, Infield, 12, Chagrin Falls
  • Logan Buehner, Outfield, 11, Perry
  • Henry Cimperman, Outfield, 10, Chagrin Falls
  • Jason Pentek, Pitcher, 12, Perry
  • Ethan Malek, Pitcher, 10, Beachwood
  • Jake Kavanaugh, Pitcher, 12, Hawken
  • Tyler Fink, Utility/DH, 10, West Geauga

Honorable Mention

  • Beachwood: Robert Friedman, Jacob Thomas
  • Chagrin Falls: Will Murray, Finn Johnson
  • Hawken: Grant Namy, Jacob Stovsky
  • Orange: Brandon Lurie, Johnny Neal
  • Perry: Sam Tharp, Aiden Bowman
  • West Geauga: Johnny Julian, Brody Gruber


Coach of the Year: Brian Titman, Madison
CVC MVP: Eddy Gvora, Madison/Hewitt Wilt, Geneva

First Team

  • Curtis Maier, Catcher, 12, Geneva
  • Logan Kray, First Base, 12, Edgewood
  • Andrew Oros, Infield, 11, Geneva
  • Bryce Spurlin, Infield, 12, Conneaut
  • Nolan Thomas, Infield, 12, Madison
  • Evan Smith, Outfield, 10, Madison
  • Matt Wanger, Outfield, 10, Lakeside
  • Giovanni Matticola, Outfield, 12, Jefferson
  • Hewitt Wilt, Pitcher, 12, Geneva
  • Eddy Gvora, Pitcher, 10, Madison
  • Alex DiSalvatore, Pitcher, 12, Lakeside
  • Kean Arkenburg, Utility/DH, 12, Geneva

Second Team

  • Tony Hall, Catcher, 12, Edgewood
  • Logan Queen, First Base, 12, Geneva
  • J.R. Hutchison, Infield, 12, Conneaut
  • Aidan Hernandez, Infield, 12, Edgewood
  • Tate Hudson, Infield, 10, Jefferson
  • Seth Negin, Infield, 12, Madison
  • Chase Newsome, Outfield, 9, Lakeside
  • Michael Riffle, Outfield, 9, Jefferson
  • Dylan Newsome, Outfield, 10, Lakeside
  • Toby Dickson, Pitcher, 11, Jefferson
  • Luke Lambert, Pitcher, 11, Jefferson
  • Anthony Wooten, Pitcher, 10, Lakeside
  • Shea Arkenburg, Pitcher, 12, Geneva
  • Alex Sperduto, Utility/DH, 10, Edgewood

Honorable Mention

  • Conneaut: Dylan Philip, Anthony Rivera
  • Edgewood: Andrew Hlavtur, Geno Measel
  • Geneva: Wyatt Habina
  • Jefferson: Logan Saksa, Logan Padgett
  • Lakeside: Caleb Stitt, Gage Tome
  • Madison: Dominic Lawrence, Ben Amos


Coach of the Year: Jim Crooks, Independence
CVC MVP: Sam Crooks, Independence/Adam Flachbart, Lutheran West

First Team

  • Dominic Narduzzi, Catcher, Independence
  • Nolan Reis, First Base, Fairview
  • Sal Rizzo, Infield, Fairview
  • A.J. Biascochea, Infield, Lutheran West
  • Nick Dabrowski, Infield, Cuyahoga Heights
  • Aiden Starr, Infield, Brooklyn
  • Bryce Groppe, Outfield, Lutheran West
  • Adam Flachbart, Outfield, Lutheran West
  • Andrew Stamp, Outfield, Independence
  • Steven Alferink, Utility/DH, Lutheran West
  • Andrew McDonald, Pitcher, Cuyahoga Heights
  • Eric Dill, Pitcher, Lutheran West
  • Sam Crooks, Pitcher, Independence

Second Team

  • Brady Weir, Catcher, Fairview
  • Pat Canfield, Infield, Fairview
  • Gio Garst, Infield, Brooklyn
  • Tyler Rabant, Infield, Cuyahoga Heights
  • Jacob Montagu, Infield, Lutheran West
  • MacGowan Rott, Outfield, Cuyahoga Heights
  • Liam Jenks, Outfield, Independence
  • Tyler Morgan, Outfield, Brooklyn
  • Owen Jenks, Outfield, Independence
  • Joey White, Utility/DH, Cuyahoga Heights

Honorable Mention

  • Brooklyn: Jackson Diller, Jadyn Deluca
  • Cuyahoga Heights: Kyle Porter, Fletcher, Sturgill
  • Fairview: Dylan Sather, Burke Lowry
  • Independence: Cy Jolliffe, Anthony Sobonya
  • Lutheran West: Jonathon Barnes, Brandon Schneider


Coach of the Year: Nick Burzanko, Berkshire
CVC MVP: Patrick Brancel, Berkshire

First Team

  • Gino Blasini, Pitcher, 12, Kirtland
  • Ethan Martin, Pitcher, 12, Berkshire
  • Brandon Henderson, Pitcher, 12, Wickliffe
  • Patrick Brancel, Catcher, 10, Berkshire
  • Jackson Puruczky, First Base, 12, Cardinal
  • Trip Thaler, Infield, 12, Kirtland
  • Frankie Bucar, Infield, 10, Wickliffe
  • Carter Tucker, Infield, 11, Cardinal
  • Troy Domen, Infield, 12, Cardinal
  • Jacob Konya, Outfield, 12, Harvey
  • Tyler Turk, Outfield, 11, Kirtland
  • Chase Bonadio, Outfield, 12, Wickliffe
  • Jake Eyerman, DH/Utility, 10, Crestwood

Second Team

  • Eric Ellsworth, Pitcher, 12, Grand Valley
  • Max Paul, Pitcher, 11, Kirtland
  • Payton Plizga, Pitcher, 10, Grand Valley
  • Ryan Delaney, Catcher, 10, Harvey
  • Liam Widemire, First Base, 11, Wickliffe
  • Oliver Miller, Infield, 9, Berkshire
  • Xavier Lasecki, Infield, 10, Kirtland
  • Will Bates, Outfield, 12, Kirtland
  • Carter Luzar, Outfield, 9, Kirtland
  • Noah Dohm, Outfield, 12, Wickliffe
  • Nunzio Zivnoska, Outfield, 11, Wickliffe
  • Trent Hull, DH/Utility, 11, Harvey

Honorable Mention

  • Berkshire: Sam Barcikoski, Jack Hastings
  • Cardinal: Hunter Gresch, Logan Strever
  • Crestwood: Charlie Sommer, Bobby Bradley
  • Grand Valley: Justin Hagan, Kamden Cottrell
  • Harvey: Brandon Bildstein, Aidan Englehart
  • Kirtland: Macguire Boyd, Lucci Cantini
  • Wickliffe: Logan Ruscin, Dylan Allen



Steve Hare
Steve Hare
Steve Hare is the Chagrin Valley Conference's Sports Information Director. He also created and publishes, an online publication dedicated to providing hyperlocal coverage to area high school athletic programs. Hare began covering high school sports for the Lake County News Herald in 1997. Hare attended Willoughby South High School through the middle of his senior year, then graduated from Berkshire High School in Burton in 1986. He played football, wrestled and was an all-Geauga county baseball player (1986). He lives in Chardon with his wife Paulette and their children.

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