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Independence shows improvement at Blue Streak Invitational

Independence’s young golf team grew up in a big way at the 9th Annual Blue Streak Invitational hosted by Magnificat High School at Sweetbriar Golf Club in Avon Lake on Tuesday.

The Blue Devils, who shot a 406 at Monday’s Chagrin Valley Conference preseason tournament, carded a 390 to finish in 11th place in the 22-team tournament.

“We were looking for more consistency,” said Independence coach Karl Schuld. “The three younger girls have some experience because they played all summer and they’re getting better and our senior, Hannah Botzman, went out and shot a career-low.”

Junior Emma McGreal led the way for the Blue Devils with a career-best 83.

“She really picked up the pace of her play,” Schuld said. “I was very happy with her. She hit her hybrids into the greens and was just pinpoint today. Her putting was much more consistent. I think this is where she is going to be on a consistent basis, if not better.”

Sophomore Morgan Pascarella finished with a 93 and classmate Allie Ksiazka came in with a 105.

“Morgan is starting to round into form. She’s starting to figure some things out. Being the athlete she is, the connection is being made between the hand-eye coordination she needs on the course,” Schuld said. “Allie had a rough start. She was kind of all over the place at the beginning then turned it around and had a solid finish. At one point in time, she was on way to score a lot higher than what she finished with. She sometimes overthinks things in her mind because she’s a really smart girl. We just have to get her to slow down.”

Senior Hannah Botzman continued to shave strokes off her score and turned in a 109.

“The star of the day in some ways was Hannah,” Schuld said. “She never golfed on varsity before and as a senior, she keeps lowering her score every time out. You start to take three or four more strokes off that 109 and she’s giving us a solid fourth scorer and that’s what we really need.”

The Blue Devils will play for a third straight day on Wednesday as they travel to Pine Hills to compete in the Padua Bruin Invitational.

Magnificat Blue Streak 9th Annual Invitational

Team Scores:

1. Avon Lake 319 (Paighton Masterson 76, Emma Davies 77, Maggie Owen 81, Maggie Masterson 102, Liz Thieken 85); 2. Magnificat 330; 3. Solon 335; 4. Walsh Jesuit 344; 5. Medina 366; 6. NDCL 366; 7. Green 370; 8. Westlake 371; 9. Laurel 381; 10. No. Royalton 382; 11. Independence 390; 12. Avon 400; 13. Mentor 412; 14. Lake Catholic 419; 15. Beaumont 421; 16. Padua Franciscan 427; 17. Hathaway Brown 434; 18. Rocky River 438; 19. No. Olmsted 452; 20. Brecksville 477; 21. Bay 535; 22. Highland 0;

Individual Scores:

1. Avery Ovens(NDCL) 73; 2. Aly Kovach(Magnificat) 74, Iris Shin(Rocky River) 74; 4. Ellen O’Leary(Magnificat) 76, Paighton Masterson(Avon Lake) 76, Jami Morris(Laurel) 76; 7. Emma Davies(Avon Lake) 77; 8. Emily Fankhauser(Westlake) 78; 9. Grace Gao(Solon) 79, Catherine Wang(Solon) 79; 11. Gwen Bush(Walsh Jesuit) 81, Maggie Owen(Avon Lake) 81; 13. Maddie Debnar(Medina) 82; 14. Allessandra Goyette(Highland) 83, Emma McGreal(Independence) 83, Casey King(NDCL) 83; 17. Paige Rider(No. Royalton) 85, Liz Thieken(Avon Lake) 85, Audrey Zedella(Walsh Jesuit) 85; 20. Anna Schramko(Magnificat) 86; 21. Christina Geiger(Walsh Jesuit) 87, Erin Frey(Medina) 87, Sandy Deng(Solon) 87; 24. Kate Hickey(Hathaway Brown) 89; 25. Olivia Casenhiser(Green) 90, Catherine Shong(Solon) 90; 27. Nicolina Valore(Walsh Jesuit) 91, Nicole Betz(Mentor) 91; 29. Alyssa Kell(No. Olmsted) 92, Brittney Moore(Green) 92, Jessie Kasper(Solon) 92; 32. Morgan Pascarella(Independence) 93, Lauren Bangasser(Beaumont) 93; 34. Simr Deo(Hathaway Brown) 94, Kayla Schuemann(Westlake) 94, Shia Vargo(Magnificat) 94, Rachel Didonato(Green) 94, Emily Liptak(Green) 94, Wirtz Emily(Padua Franciscan) 94; 40. Alexa Belardo(No. Royalton) 95; 41. Michaela O’Hara(Avon) 96, Natalie Noble(Beaumont) 96, Kayley Kelly(Lake Catholic) 96; 44. Brenna Groh(No. Royalton) 97, Kenzie Roe(Highland) 97, Kavita Nanda(Avon) 97; 47. Cleo Meldrum(Medina) 98, Grace Durdle(Laurel) 98, Bailey Palmer(Green) 98; 50. Charlotte Button(Westlake) 99, Aubrey Cavey(Medina) 99, Julia Porchetta(Avon) 99; 53. Karis Oziomek(Walsh Jesuit) 100, Alexa Prexta(Westlake) 100, Taylor Bilinovich(Medina) 100; 56. Gabrielle Grandini(Lake Catholic) 101, Lauren Frank(NDCL) 101; 58. Madeleine Bee(Laurel) 102, Maggie Masterson(Avon Lake) 102, Julia Schoen(Lake Catholic) 102; 61. Nyomi Morris(Beaumont) 104; 62. Samantha Lyle(Magnificat) 105, Lea Fierst(Brecksville) 105, Stephanie Neff(Padua Franciscan) 105, Emily Michalak(No. Royalton) 105, Emily Axner(Laurel) 105, Allie Ksiazka(Independence) 105; 68. Hailey Bryan(Mentor) 106, Sophia Peck(Westlake) 106; 70. Sam Bostelman(Mentor) 107; 71. Gabi Iannetta(Mentor) 108, Lauren Nassif(Laurel) 108, Amanda Holtzman(Avon) 108; 74. Kayleigh Collins(NDCL) 109, Hannah Botzman(Independence) 109; 76. Samantha Horvath(No. Royalton) 110; 77. Makayla Lawrence(Avon) 111, Kerri Donaldson(Mentor) 111, Tess Gallaspie(Highland) 111; 80. Carli Urban(Padua Franciscan) 112; 81. Natalie Ellis(No. Olmsted) 114; 82. Gianna Mascardine(Padua Franciscan) 116; 83. Kailey Joyce(Hathaway Brown) 117, Lexi Aguilar(Rocky River) 117; 85. Becky Petro(Brecksville) 119; 86. Layla Ruben(No. Olmsted) 120, Emily Werner(Lake Catholic) 120; 88. Kate McKeown(Rocky River) 123; 89. Angela Wise(Padua Franciscan) 124, Maggie Rodgers(Rocky River) 124, Amanda Melaragno(Brecksville) 124; 92. Alexis Kovesdi(Independence) 125; 93. Lauren Willis(No. Olmsted) 126; 94. Larissa Strouse(Bay) 127; 95. Savannah Porter(No. Olmsted) 128, Katherine Foerg(Beaumont) 128; 97. Abby Jaite(Brecksville) 129, Halle Parks(Bay) 129, Bella LoParo(Rocky River) 129; 100. Jordan Kern(Lake Catholic) 131; 101. Madison Krecji(Brecksville) 133; 102. Chandini Antel(Hathaway Brown) 134; 103. Madeleine Williams(Hathaway Brown) 135; 104. Maizy Ereditario(Bay) 138; 105. Grace Clark(Bay) 141.

Steve Hare
Steve Hare
Steve Hare is the Chagrin Valley Conference's Sports Information Director. He also created and publishes, an online publication dedicated to providing hyperlocal coverage to area high school athletic programs. Hare began covering high school sports for the Lake County News Herald in 1997. Hare attended Willoughby South High School through the middle of his senior year, then graduated from Berkshire High School in Burton in 1986. He played football, wrestled and was an all-Geauga county baseball player (1986). He lives in Chardon with his wife Paulette and their children.

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