Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Geneva wins Badger Invitational

BURTON—Geneva was a last minute addition to the Berkshire Badger Invitational but the Eagles finished first in the standings with six individual champions.

The Eagles were scheduled to compete at Warren Howland on Saturday but the weekend winter storm canceled that event.

“We didn’t have this on our schedule originally but we got canceled on Saturday down at Howland and Berkshire offered it to us so we came up here,” Geneva coach Chris Stamper said. “It was a last-minute thing the guys found out about and I was happy with how the guys wrestled. I wasn’t sure how they would do mentally but we had a really good day. The guys wrestled really well.”

Geneva finished with 303.5 points while Berkshire finished second with 166. Hawken was fourth with 140.5, Cardinal finished sixth with 111 and Wickliffe placed ninth with 49.

Leading the way for the Eagles were individual champions Johnny Wayslaw (126), Jesse McElroy (132), Devin Cerjan (138), Braden Bilicic (152), Caleb Selman (160), and Brandon Thomas (195).

Also placing for the Eagles were Jayden Sabol (3rd at 106), Brier Streets (4th at 113), Matthew Frabotta (4th at 120), Cole Vennis (2nd at 182), and Charles Taylor (2nd at 220).

“Bilicic did really well,” Stamper said. “Devan Cerjan, he really made a big jump today in overall performance in winning his championship. I’m really proud of him. All the guys did really well.”

The Eagles now hope to ride this momentum to a second straight Chagrin Valley Conference championship on Saturday at West Geauga.

“We won it last year and we’re hoping to do it again this year,” Stamper said.

Berkshire finished with one champion and seven other place winners.

“Overall, it was a really good tournament for us,” Berkshire coach Adam Lange said. “I’m pretty pleased with everybody. A lot of guys wrestled well and rose to the occasion.”

Josh Tribuzzo won the 113-pound title while James Klingman (106), Jarrod Malkus (145), Lucas Stoddard (170) and Ryan Ford (195) all finished second. J.J. Perrin finished third at 160 and Justin Heiden (106) and Hunter Gifford (132) both placed fourth.

“I think this really is a momentum-booster,” Lange said. “Looking at our schedule overall, we wrestle a pretty tough schedule. We travel a lot and see a lot of teams that are out of this region. When you see a lot of the teams here, they’re in our conference, and we’re competing the way we are against these guys, I think most of us are feeling pretty good about our chances at the CVCs.”

Hawken finished with three champions in Patrick Reineke, Jackson Reineke and William Lindsey.

Patrick Reineke scored a takedown with four seconds left in the match to beat Berkshire’s Klingman, 5-3, at 106, while Jackson Reineke and Lindsey pinned their way through the 120 and 285-pound brackets, respectively.

“That was a great match,” Rodriguez said of the 106-pound championship bout. “It was back and forth right to the very end. We hadn’t seen him yet so it was a good go for him.”

Christian French (2nd at 113), Jacob Hlifka (3rd at 113) and Carson Ruch (4th at 160) also placed for the Hawks.

“It was a good day overall,” Rodriguez said. “They all came in and did what they had to do.”

Cardinal had five wrestlers place among the top four including Trevor Bachna and Jerry Rose.

Bachna, who made his first appearance in a championship bout, finished second at 138, while Rose dropped a 4-2 decision to Geneva’s Selman at 160.

“We had some growing pains but there were a lot of positives too,” Cardinal coach Jeff Zeigler said. “Jerry took second to a good kid. He wrestled a heck of a match. It could have gone either way. I was excited about Bachna getting into the finals. That was his first time wrestling for first and second.”

Ryan Shanower (126), Tony Brezo (152) and John Avalon (220) all finished third for the Huskies and Ty Zeigler (106) battled back for a sixth-place finish.

“I’m excited about John. That was a good win for him. He needed that bad,” Zeigler said. “Ty came back and won a couple of matches too. We have a lot to build on. The kids worked hard all day and wrestled well and showed improvement. We need to keep building on that.”

Wickliffe’s Doug Byrne won the 182-pound championship with five straight pins and Ernie Landi finished fourth at 145 for the Blue Devils.

Berkshire Badger Invitational Scores
1. Geneva 303.5; 2. Berkshire 166.0; 3. Rittman 142.5; 4. Hawken 140.5; 5. South Range 117.0; 6. Cardinal 111.0; 7. Conneaut 103.0; Ellet 103.0; 9. Wickliffe 49.0; 10. Springfield 43.0; 11. St. John 17.0; 12. Harvey 0.0; Kenmore-Garfield 0.0;
Seventh Round
106: Patrick Reineke (Hawken) dec. James Klingman (Berkshire) 5-3; Jayden Sabol (Geneva) pin Justin Heiden*BER (X2) 3:59; Gavin Pahanish (South Range) pin Ty Zeigler (Cardinal) 2:39; Braden Johnson*SRA (X1) pin Ian Fuentes (St. John) 5:04; Garret Gartin (Rittman) Bye Bye Bye;
113: Josh Tribuzzo (Berkshire) dec. Christian French (Hawken) 5-4; Jordan Jarvi (Conneaut) Default Clayton Massek (South Range) Default; Jacob Hlifka*HAW (X1) dec. Brier Streets (Geneva) 7-3;
120: Jackson Reineke (Hawken) pin Joshua Gibson (Rittman) 1:44; Cole Yurrich (Ellet) pin Matthew Frabotta (Geneva) 1:21;
126: Johnny Wayslaw (Geneva) pin Nic Hall (Conneaut) 1:48; Kyle Keenan (South Range) maj. dec. Ryan Shanower (Cardinal) md13-2;
132: Jesse McElroy (Geneva) maj. dec. Naseem Maali (South Range) md14-3; Andrew Kollin (Rittman) Default Hunter Gifford (Berkshire) Default; Keshaun Clark*RIT (X2) pin Logan Pinkerton (Conneaut) 3:09; Andrew Wagenberg (Hawken) pin Riley Williams*CON (X1) 0:47;
138: Devin Cerjan (Geneva) dec. Trevor Bacna (Cardinal) 9-2; Cooper Cleavley (South Range) dec. Nate Coy (Conneaut) 14-12; Steven Hagstrom*CON (X1) dec. Christian Dull (Rittman) 12-10; Devyn Mercilliott (St. John) Bye Bye Bye;
145: Sam Lord (Ellet) pin Jarrod Malkus (Berkshire) 5:06; Jed Nadeau (Conneaut) pin Ernie Landi (Wickliffe) 1:45; Shawn Oakes (South Range) Default Mike Amato (Geneva) Default; Chase Simak (Cardinal) Bye Bye Bye;
152: Braden Bilicic (Geneva) dec. Marcus Kitchen (Rittman) 12-5; Tony Brezo (Cardinal) dec. Nathan Grande (Ellet) 6-2;
160: Caleb Selman (Geneva) dec. Jerry Rose (Cardinal) 4-2; J.J. Perrin (Berkshire) dec. Carson Ruch (Hawken) 12-8; Adam Barnett (Ellet) pin Brandon Catley*BER (X1) 1:13;
170: Sevi Garza (Rittman) pin Lucas Stoddard (Berkshire) 3:35; Hunter Stiltner (Conneaut) pin Justin Berg (Geneva) 5:47; Kyle DeBucci (Springfield) pin Justin Reish (Ellet) 0:50;
182: Doug Byrne (Wickliffe) pin Cole Vennis (Geneva) 2:38; Phoenix Tomlin (Ellet) maj. dec. Chad Whims (Rittman) md13-4; David Fuentes (St. John) pin Tyler Hale (Conneaut) 1:47; Micheala Bateman*CON (X1) Default Auddia Pringle (Berkshire) Default;
195: Josh Tantari (Conneaut) pin Cade Holmes (South Range) 2:25; Brandon Thomas (Geneva) pin Ryan Ford (Berkshire) 1:45;
220: John Avalon (Cardinal) pin Fernando Luna (Conneaut) 2:45; Anthony Czap (South Range) pin Charles Taylor (Geneva) 2:51;
285: William Lindsey (Hawken) pin Brady Brungard (Springfield) 0:54; Elio Toledo (Rittman) forfeit Jeremy Bosher (Berkshire) Forfeit; Nathaniel Lucas (Ellet) pin Antonio Saldana (Geneva) 0:30;
Sixth Round
106: James Klingman (Berkshire) dec. Jayden Sabol (Geneva) 11-9; Ty Zeigler (Cardinal) pin Braden Johnson*SRA (X1) 3:15; Patrick Reineke (Hawken) pin Gavin Pahanish (South Range) 1:24;
113: Josh Tribuzzo (Berkshire) dec. Jacob Hlifka*HAW (X1) 8-6; Brier Streets (Geneva) pin Jordan Jarvi (Conneaut) 1:56; Christian French (Hawken) tech. fall Clayton Massek (South Range) tf18-2;
120: Joshua Gibson (Rittman) pin Matthew Frabotta (Geneva) 0:28;
126: Ryan Shanower (Cardinal) pin Nic Hall (Conneaut) 4:50;
132: Jesse McElroy (Geneva) Default Hunter Gifford (Berkshire) Default; Naseem Maali (South Range) dec. Andrew Kollin (Rittman) 12-5; Keshaun Clark*RIT (X2) tech. fall Riley Williams*CON (X1) tf19-2; Logan Pinkerton (Conneaut) pin Andrew Wagenberg (Hawken) 3:15;
138: Trevor Bacna (Cardinal) pin Cooper Cleavley (South Range) 1:36; Devin Cerjan (Geneva) dec. Nate Coy (Conneaut) 6-5; Christian Dull (Rittman) pin Devyn Mercilliott (St. John) 3:18; Steven Hagstrom*CON (X1) Bye Bye Bye;
145: Jarrod Malkus (Berkshire) pin Jed Nadeau (Conneaut) 4:19; Sam Lord (Ellet) pin Ernie Landi (Wickliffe) 0:26; Mike Amato (Geneva) Bye Bye Bye; Shawn Oakes (South Range) dec. Chase Simak (Cardinal) 5-0;
152: Braden Bilicic (Geneva) pin Caleb Remmy*ELL (X1) 1:03; Marcus Kitchen (Rittman) dec. Nathan Grande (Ellet) 5-3;
160: Caleb Selman (Geneva) pin Adam Barnett (Ellet) 1:42; Carson Ruch (Hawken) pin Brandon Catley*BER (X1) 1:34; Jerry Rose (Cardinal) pin J.J. Perrin (Berkshire) 1:19;
170: Sevi Garza (Rittman) tech. fall Kyle DeBucci (Springfield) tf19-4; Justin Berg (Geneva) pin Justin Reish (Ellet) 0:56; Lucas Stoddard (Berkshire) pin Hunter Stiltner (Conneaut) 4:55;
182: Doug Byrne (Wickliffe) pin Chad Whims (Rittman) 0:39; Cole Vennis (Geneva) maj. dec. Phoenix Tomlin (Ellet) md10-1; Tyler Hale (Conneaut) pin Micheala Bateman*CON (X1) 2:52; David Fuentes (St. John) Default Auddia Pringle (Berkshire) Default;
195: Brandon Thomas (Geneva) pin Cade Holmes (South Range) 3:30;
220: Anthony Czap (South Range) pin John Avalon (Cardinal) 0:47;
285: William Lindsey (Hawken) pin Nathaniel Lucas (Ellet) 0:20; Antonio Saldana (Geneva) forfeit Jeremy Bosher (Berkshire) Forfeit; Brady Brungard (Springfield) pin Elio Toledo (Rittman) 4:10;
Fourth Round
106: Ty Zeigler (Cardinal) maj. dec. Garret Gartin (Rittman) md11-3; Jayden Sabol (Geneva) pin Braden Johnson*SRA (X1) 1:12; Justin Heiden*BER (X2) pin Gavin Pahanish (South Range) 2:40;
Third Round
106: James Klingman (Berkshire) pin Ty Zeigler (Cardinal) 1:01; Braden Johnson*SRA (X1) pin Garret Gartin (Rittman) 0:50; Justin Heiden*BER (X2) pin Ian Fuentes (St. John) 1:04;
113: Josh Tribuzzo (Berkshire) dec. Clayton Massek (South Range) 8-6; Jacob Hlifka*HAW (X1) pin Jordan Jarvi (Conneaut) 1:20; Christian French (Hawken) maj. dec. Brier Streets (Geneva) md9-0;
120: Jackson Reineke (Hawken) pin Matthew Frabotta (Geneva) 1:48;
126: Johnny Wayslaw (Geneva) pin Ryan Shanower (Cardinal) 2:41;
132: Jesse McElroy (Geneva) dec. Keshaun Clark*RIT (X2) 5-1; Naseem Maali (South Range) pin Logan Pinkerton (Conneaut) 3:40; Andrew Kollin (Rittman) pin Andrew Wagenberg (Hawken) 1:31; Hunter Gifford (Berkshire) pin Riley Williams*CON (X1) 3:30;
138: Nate Coy (Conneaut) pin Devyn Mercilliott (St. John) 1:35; Devin Cerjan (Geneva) pin Steven Hagstrom*CON (X1) 1:34; Cooper Cleavley (South Range) pin Christian Dull (Rittman) 1:23;
145: Jarrod Malkus (Berkshire) pin Ernie Landi (Wickliffe) 2:46; Mike Amato (Geneva) pin Chase Simak (Cardinal) 1:54; Sam Lord (Ellet) dec. Jed Nadeau (Conneaut) 13-6;
152: Braden Bilicic (Geneva) pin Nathan Grande (Ellet) 2:00; Tony Brezo (Cardinal) pin Caleb Remmy*ELL (X1) 1:47;
160: Caleb Selman (Geneva) pin J.J. Perrin (Berkshire) 1:11; Carson Ruch (Hawken) pin Adam Barnett (Ellet) 4:47; Jerry Rose (Cardinal) pin Brandon Catley*BER (X1) 1:35;
170: Sevi Garza (Rittman) pin Hunter Stiltner (Conneaut) 2:45; Kyle DeBucci (Springfield) pin Justin Berg (Geneva) 5:02; Lucas Stoddard (Berkshire) pin Justin Reish (Ellet) 1:10;
182: Doug Byrne (Wickliffe) pin Phoenix Tomlin (Ellet) 0:30; Tyler Hale (Conneaut) Default Auddia Pringle (Berkshire) Default; Cole Vennis (Geneva) pin Micheala Bateman*CON (X1) 0:28; Chad Whims (Rittman) pin David Fuentes (St. John) 4:23;
195: Brandon Thomas (Geneva) pin Josh Tantari (Conneaut) 2:54;
220: Charles Taylor (Geneva) pin John Avalon (Cardinal) 1:01;
285: William Lindsey (Hawken) pin Elio Toledo (Rittman) 0:20; Nathaniel Lucas (Ellet) Default Jeremy Bosher (Berkshire) Default; Brady Brungard (Springfield) pin Antonio Saldana (Geneva) 2:23;
Second Round
106: James Klingman (Berkshire) pin Garret Gartin (Rittman) 1:52; Jayden Sabol (Geneva) pin Ty Zeigler (Cardinal) 1:49; Patrick Reineke (Hawken) pin Ian Fuentes (St. John) 3:31;
113: Josh Tribuzzo (Berkshire) pin Jordan Jarvi (Conneaut) 1:37; Brier Streets (Geneva) pin Clayton Massek (South Range) 3:59; Christian French (Hawken) dec. Jacob Hlifka*HAW (X1) 4-3;
120: Jackson Reineke (Hawken) pin Cole Yurrich (Ellet) 1:18;
126: Johnny Wayslaw (Geneva) dec. Kyle Keenan (South Range) 8-6;
132: Jesse McElroy (Geneva) pin Logan Pinkerton (Conneaut) 3:31; Naseem Maali (South Range) dec. Keshaun Clark*RIT (X2) 6-2; Andrew Kollin (Rittman) pin Riley Williams*CON (X1) 1:24; Hunter Gifford (Berkshire) maj. dec. Andrew Wagenberg (Hawken) md18-7;
138: Trevor Bacna (Cardinal) dec. Nate Coy (Conneaut) 7-5; Devin Cerjan (Geneva) pin Cooper Cleavley (South Range) 3:55; Steven Hagstrom*CON (X1) pin Christian Dull (Rittman) 5:10;
145: Jarrod Malkus (Berkshire) pin Chase Simak (Cardinal) 1:14; Ernie Landi (Wickliffe) pin Mike Amato (Geneva) 1:44; Sam Lord (Ellet) pin Shawn Oakes (South Range) 1:03;
152: Braden Bilicic (Geneva) pin Tony Brezo (Cardinal) 4:37; Marcus Kitchen (Rittman) pin Caleb Remmy*ELL (X1) 3:18;
160: Caleb Selman (Geneva) pin Carson Ruch (Hawken) 1:59; J.J. Perrin (Berkshire) pin Brandon Catley*BER (X1) 0:40; Jerry Rose (Cardinal) pin Adam Barnett (Ellet) 2:46;
170: Sevi Garza (Rittman) pin Justin Berg (Geneva) 3:08; Hunter Stiltner (Conneaut) pin Justin Reish (Ellet) 2:21; Lucas Stoddard (Berkshire) dec. Kyle DeBucci (Springfield) 9-4;
182: Doug Byrne (Wickliffe) pin Tyler Hale (Conneaut) 2:57; Phoenix Tomlin (Ellet) Default Auddia Pringle (Berkshire) Default; Cole Vennis (Geneva) pin David Fuentes (St. John) 1:41; Chad Whims (Rittman) pin Micheala Bateman*CON (X1) 1:15;
195: Ryan Ford (Berkshire) dec. Josh Tantari (Conneaut) 16-12;
220: Charles Taylor (Geneva) pin Fernando Luna (Conneaut) 1:52;
285: William Lindsey (Hawken) forfeit Jeremy Bosher (Berkshire) Forfeit; Elio Toledo (Rittman) pin Antonio Saldana (Geneva) 4:10; Brady Brungard (Springfield) pin Nathaniel Lucas (Ellet) 1:15;
First Round
106: James Klingman (Berkshire) pin Braden Johnson*SRA (X1) 0:40; Jayden Sabol (Geneva) pin Garret Gartin (Rittman) 1:30; Patrick Reineke (Hawken) maj. dec. Justin Heiden*BER (X2) md15-3; Gavin Pahanish (South Range) pin Ian Fuentes (St. John) 1:00;
113: Josh Tribuzzo (Berkshire) pin Brier Streets (Geneva) 0:18; Jacob Hlifka*HAW (X1) dec. Clayton Massek (South Range) 9-4; Christian French (Hawken) pin Jordan Jarvi (Conneaut) 3:10;
120: Joshua Gibson (Rittman) dec. Cole Yurrich (Ellet) 2-0;
126: Kyle Keenan (South Range) dec. Nic Hall (Conneaut) 5-2;
132: Jesse McElroy (Geneva) pin Naseem Maali (South Range) 3:40; Keshaun Clark*RIT (X2) maj. dec. Logan Pinkerton (Conneaut) md11-0; Andrew Kollin (Rittman) pin Hunter Gifford (Berkshire) 3:09; Andrew Wagenberg (Hawken) dec. Riley Williams*CON (X1) 11-7;
138: Trevor Bacna (Cardinal) pin Devyn Mercilliott (St. John) 3:08; Devin Cerjan (Geneva) pin Christian Dull (Rittman) 1:27; Cooper Cleavley (South Range) pin Steven Hagstrom*CON (X1) 3:34;
145: Jarrod Malkus (Berkshire) pin Mike Amato (Geneva) 3:35; Ernie Landi (Wickliffe) pin Chase Simak (Cardinal) 2:53; Jed Nadeau (Conneaut) pin Shawn Oakes (South Range) 3:14;
152: Nathan Grande (Ellet) pin Caleb Remmy*ELL (X1) 2:45; Marcus Kitchen (Rittman) dec. Tony Brezo (Cardinal) 12-7;
160: Caleb Selman (Geneva) tech. fall Brandon Catley*BER (X1) tf17-0; J.J. Perrin (Berkshire) maj. dec. Adam Barnett (Ellet) md17-8; Jerry Rose (Cardinal) pin Carson Ruch (Hawken) 4:00;
170: Sevi Garza (Rittman) pin Justin Reish (Ellet) 1:21; Hunter Stiltner (Conneaut) dec. Kyle DeBucci (Springfield) 7-5; Lucas Stoddard (Berkshire) pin Justin Berg (Geneva) 3:57;
182: Doug Byrne (Wickliffe) pin Auddia Pringle (Berkshire) 0:27; Phoenix Tomlin (Ellet) pin Tyler Hale (Conneaut) 1:03; Cole Vennis (Geneva) pin Chad Whims (Rittman) 1:34; David Fuentes (St. John) pin Micheala Bateman*CON (X1) 0:22;
195: Ryan Ford (Berkshire) pin Cade Holmes (South Range) 5:03;
220: Anthony Czap (South Range) pin Fernando Luna (Conneaut) 0:59;
285: William Lindsey (Hawken) pin Antonio Saldana (Geneva) 0:40; Elio Toledo (Rittman) pin Nathaniel Lucas (Ellet) 4:26; Brady Brungard (Springfield) forfeit Jeremy Bosher (Berkshire) Forfeit;

Steve Harehttp://www.ohiovarsity.com
Steve Hare is the Chagrin Valley Conference's Sports Information Director. He also created and publishes OhioVarsity.com, an online publication dedicated to providing hyperlocal coverage to area high school athletic programs. Hare began covering high school sports for the Lake County News Herald in 1997. Hare attended Willoughby South High School through the middle of his senior year, then graduated from Berkshire High School in Burton in 1986. He played football, wrestled and was an all-Geauga county baseball player (1986). He lives in Chardon with his wife Paulette and their children.

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